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Features of this 3D printer that is very cheap

The 3d printers They have managed to make an excellent place in the market, since their possibilities are really high when it comes to obtaining objects in three dimensions that can be used with total peace of mind. If you are looking for one that is economical but that does not lack anything, an option that you should not miss is SPACE 3D.

One of the things that should be taken into account in SPACE 3D is that the printing method you use is SLA, which offers a much better finish than the FDM models allow, so we talk about a product that ensures great precision and very well defined curves in the results. And, this is offered with a price that is as competitive as we will see later. An additional detail in what has to do with three-dimensional printing: this model allows creations with dimensions of 215 x 135 x 200 mm, so its usefulness is high.

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Another of the purchasing decision factors in 3D printers is that of the speed it offers and, here, the model we are talking about meets perfectly. What is achieved with SPACE 3D is really positive, since the 40 mm / h, which is almost double what other models on the market offer (and we talk about large devices). In addition, the accuracy of the results is very high, since its resolution is as follows: XY of 85 m and a Z resolution of 10 m and a layer thickness of 25-100 m. These marks that ensure that all types of cuts are accurate.

A help screen in SPACE 3D, essential in this printer

To help all the work done with the product, a screen is included in the housing of this device LCD which has dimensions of 10.1 inch, so it is large enough to use everything without problems and also increases the definition. Regarding lighting, the one offered by SPACE 3D is of the LED type (matrix) with a power of 140 watts, which ensures uniform exposure and better print quality.

Made entirely in metal, the stability and resistance offered by the product we are talking about is very high, so we speak of a very positive durability which forces us to invest less in spare parts. The usability is positive in SPACE 3D, since its 3.5-inch touch screen allows you to perform jobs with just one press, which added to your wide compatibility It allows you to have a virtually universal 3D printer (and that supports different types of resins without problems, even those called universal).

Result obtained with SPACE 3D

Get this product with a very striking price

With a weight of 10 kilos, which is not an outrage for a 3D printer dimensions, and dimensions of 215 x 135 x 200 mm, this device is most interesting if you want to take all three dimensions home. You have already obtained financing in Kickstarter, so invest the 541 euros that costs, it is not exactly crazy, since they suppose a good relation quality / price.