Crazy Taxi is now free, enjoy the Dreamcast classic on your Android

Crazy Taxy Classic is free including ads and in-app purchases

Crazy Taxi Classic, the craziest racing game in Dreamcast, becomes free after being paid. Mind you: Sega fills it with ads and purchases.

Free throws a lot, you just have to see how mobile application stores have evolved. To present the apps behind a payment wall, more or less acceptable, to release them at no cost based on including tolls: ads and purchases within the application. Free-to-play has flooded the games until a large number of titles await. Will the same happen with Crazy Taxi? Everything points to yes.

Sega's most thug franchise in recreational and Dreamcast made the leap to Android in July 2013 With a high quality conversion. The cost was around 5 euros: something expensive, but at the cost of having the complete game and without limitations. This cost now disappears to completely eliminate the entry barrier. Let’s make some money!

Free Crazy Taxi to celebrate the next release of a new delivery

Crazy Taxi is now free, enjoy the Dreamcast classic on your Android

The taxi drivers franchise is not as succulent to Sega as the Sonic hedgehog, but it is reporting benefits if you look at the number of versions. In addition to the classic of yesteryear we have in the Google Play Store the Crazy Taxi Rush, a decaffeinated delivery turned into a runner game. And soon we will have a new one that will follow identical steps: Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire; which will be available soon for smartphones.

To commemorate that upcoming launch, Sega has taken the original Crazy Taxi Classic, which remained paid, from Google Play, changing it to a freemium version. Access to it has no cost and maintains the essence without paying a euro, including the great soundtrack of Offspring, but we will need to pay spend in the currency of the game to move faster or get the extras. Not to mention that we will now have publicity clouding the driving experience.

Crazy Classic Taxi, in its free version, is now available in the Google Play Store. Although, if you were one of those who bought the original version, you will be interested in downloading the game again without any addition. The new version does not destroy the mythical Crazy Taxi, but it is not the same.