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Circuit Scramble, a game where logic is important

If you are bored of the usual games, you like the retro style and want to put some logic in your mind, we have a game that you will love.

Circuit Scramble, from the developer Suborbital Games, is a puzzle game with a fairly simple appearance, but underneath that appearance is a challenge for our mind.

The mechanics of the game is that of use logic gates to find the correct entries and complete the circuit. Of course, you have to do it in the least number of movements If we want to get a good score.

We must get from one place to another by activating the switches

A whole game that will test your logic, never better, which is also wrapped in a retro design. And if you like pixelated, this game has them everywhere, giving it an old-school look.

Circuit scramble

What the game offers us are:

  • Puzzles based on real logic gates.
  • Classic Mode: We will have to decipher 100 levels, full of logic and circuits.
  • Unlimited mode: As its own name indicates, it is an endless loop of circuit-filled levels.
  • Statistics in which we will check our evolution.
  • In case of not knowing very well how to continue playing, we have the help that will always come in handy.

What this game shows is that you don't need the latest graphics, or a top-of-the-range phone, if we want to enjoy a great game. Simplicity is the hallmark from Circuit Scramble, something that is appreciated.

If you like electronics, retro and puzzles, it's a game you should try. If you still do not have it completely decided, just say that the game is free. The only thing we will find will be some ads that should not hinder the gaming experience.