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Check out the awards for TC Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin

We have a full house for TC Hackathon that starts at Disrupt Berlin 2019 in just six days. We may have limited the number of participants to 500 people, but there is no limit on the skills, creativity and stubborn determination of these coders. Wait now, there is still time to save money and buy a pass for Disrupt Berlin. Prices increase on December 10.

We cannot wait to see what to design and build this group of worthy competitors in just 24 hours. They have been waiting patiently, and it is almost time to withdraw the curtain and reveal to our sponsors the specific challenges and awards.

If you are not familiar with the operation of the Hackathon, here is the version of Cliff Notes. The first day, participants form teams and choose a sponsored challenge. They have 24 hours to build a product that works, and we keep them fed, hydrated and pumped with caffeine.

The judges review all completed projects and select only 10 teams to go to the final on the second day. The finalists have two minutes to present their work to the judges, on the Extra Crunch stage in front of a live audience. An event not to be missed!

Each sponsor announces its winners and awards a variety of cash and prizes. Then TechCrunch chooses a team as the creators of the best general hacking and awards them $ 5,000!

Count the drum roll, please: these are the additional prizes that await you at the Disrupt Berlin TC Hackathon. Start reviewing your options and planning your design strategy now, and prepress to impress.


Location technology can add a lot to the services we use every day. Whether to locate people, track assets and vehicles, view location information or show routes, maps are an essential component for any web or mobile application. With the TomTom Map API, developers can easily integrate highly detailed and customizable maps into their application with just a few lines of code.

Your challenge, if you accept it, is to use the TomTom Maps APIs (and combine it with other services) to create an innovative service on demand. Build the next Uber to deliver food, packages or groceries, or for someone to come and fix your bike.

Prize one: Up to four Nintendo switches for the winning team.

Prize two: Diversity Heroes Award. We will give a prize to the team that takes advantage of its diversity to complete the hackathon challenge, and will receive up to five sets of Lego heroes who took advantage of the diversity to succeed in a complex challenge.

And we will have another or two prizes up our sleeve, so stay tuned! The TechCrunch Hackathon will take place at Disrupt Berlin 2019 from December 11 to 12. Good luck to all the brave participants. As for the rest of you, join us for the exciting competition and see what specific hackers can build in 24 hours!

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Disrupt Berlin 2019? Contact our sponsorship sales team for filling out this form.