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build and design your own prison

Prison Architect, one of Steam's most popular games, has just arrived on Android: build, design and run your own prison full of guards and prisoners.

Simulation games are all the rage, and think that it all started with a farm simulation game. Thanks to video games we can be farmers, train drivers or trucks, or even prison directors. Yes, you read that right. We can even run a prison, and the game we bring you today goes from that.

Prison Architect is a game in which we can build, design and run a prison from scratch. It takes a while for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam, reaping great reviews since it came out for a computer. And right now Prison Architect comes to Android, a perfect platform to play anywhere.

Design your own prison in Prison Architect

Design your own prison in Prison Architect

The first part of the game is the most fun: build jail. We have to design the cell blocks and the facilities of prisoners and personnel. For example, we can design from the cells to the visiting areas or the entrance. Of course, we have to be careful, because we have a budget that we cannot overcome.

But it does not end here. Once we have the prison made, and we begin to receive the first prisoners, we have to manage the jail. Ensure that the security of the prison is not compromised, how many guards are in each section and what patrol routes they follow, how much the prison staff charges, place cameras and guards …

Prison Architect

The grace is to find the balance: if we don't get it, the prisoners will mutiny and they will cause trouble to the guards or among them. There are also disasters, beyond rioting or fighting, such as floods or fires. And it is our responsibility to manage all resources in those cases.

The complete game on Steam costs about ? 30, and on Android they have divided it into payments within the application. The "full" version costs about ? 17, but we can pay less to unlock only the parts that interest us. And the adaptation of the controls works pretty well, it's just touch and drag.

The game is available on Google Play freebut keep in mind that Does not include most of the game if we do not pay. The free construction mode costs ? 5.99, while each chapter of the story costs ? 3.49.

You will also need a large screen device to be compatible, like a tablet or a phablet. And it seems that users with root or custom ROMs cannot download it.