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BMW advances Christmas for iPhone users

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There were many who criticized BMW's uncommon decision to charge its customers an annual subscription fee to use the Apple CarPlay operating system. While some fear that it would become the norm in the industry, this has turned out to be a brief exception to the rule, as the German company has decided that from now on this service will be free in all its models.

BMW always seeks to meet the needs of our customers, and the purpose of this policy change is to provide them with a much better experience with their car, a company spokesman said. Digital Trends.

The shipowner, based in Mnich, previously charged users $ 80 a year for using Apple CarPlay, a policy that surprised more than one within the automotive industry. All other companies offer this function at no cost. By aligning with others, BMW is giving up a potentially important source of revenue to make one of the most popular technology features available to all of its customers.

CarPlay be on board all of its vehicles, from the Series 2 Gran Coup to the Series 7 badge and its derivative manufactured by Alpina. To make things even better, the company's latest models have the wireless version of the software. The corporate spokesman added that BMW car owners who currently pay subscription will soon receive free and unlimited access to Apple CarPlay. The brand will contact its customers to inform them of this decision.

However, motorists who use Android systems at the moment have less luck, because the company said it has nothing to announce about the availability of Android Auto.

For its part, the Toyota Supra, whose users were rumored to have to pay for the service after a four-year trial period, also continue to include CarPlay for free.

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