#YouTubeRewind: Daddy Yankkee and Latin artists dominate the most viewed video listings on YouTube in 2019

#YouTubeRewind: Daddy Yankkee and Latin artists dominate the most viewed video listings on YouTube in 2019

Four of the ten most viewed videos on YouTube worldwide were from Latin artists, in a ranking led by Daddy Yankee

 present YouTube Rewind 2019, the online yearbook with the most viewed content on the online video platform of
 . As in the last installments, Latin artists dominate the list by the hand of
Daddy Yankee
 , who was again at the top of the most watched music videos with his hit With Calm.

For your part, Miss of
Shawn mendes
Camila Cabello
 It was the video with more likes from the YouTube community, with 13 million likes. In addition to music productions, youtubers
PewDiePie will be consecrated as the most convincing youtuber, with 22 million subscribers, followed by the Brazilian
Felipe Nieto Minecraft, meanwhile, was positioned as the most popular video game, driven by the publication made by PewDiePie.

Unlike last year, when the yearbook video was heavily criticized and became
In the most rejected content by the user community, this time YouTube Rewind 2019 appealed to a video that compiles the best moments of the most outstanding productions of the year.

In the local audience the podium of non-music videos was led by
Mara Becerra with the Roast yourself challenge, a video published in March this year that reached 6.4 million views, followed by
Robleis and
Luisito Comunica.

In turn, the global trends of Latin artists also repeated in Argentina and Daddy Yankee & Snow with the theme With Calma became the most watched music video by local users. The podium was completed with
Rosala and J Balvin with the theme With Height and
Anuel AA and Karol G with Secret.

On the side of the emerging creators, the category revelation on YouTube, were
The elite,
Sofi Agnone and
Didac Ribot, while the category Gaming the most convoking were the channels of
Fernanfloo and
League of Legends.