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Your 2019 in Music: Spotify offers a tailored ranking with the songs that most played on your profile

Your 2019 in Music: Spotify offers a bespoke ranking with the songs that most played on your profile – LA NACION





The music and podcast streaming platform offers a personalized ranking with the most popular songs and content of each user

Unlike other digital yearbooks,
 I appeal to custom reports and present
Your 2019 in Music, a ranking as you explore the most played artists and songs on the platform of
 throughout the year. The report, available at, requires the login at
Spotify and the results can be shared on social networks.

"The report" Your 2019 in Music "includes the songs, albums, artists and podcasts that you discovered throughout 2019, in addition to the artists you played most throughout the decade in Spotify. It's compiled the way you love it, but with more nostalgia than ever, "Spotify explains in a statement, which also offers a detail with what they are most in the last decade in the user's profile.

The most reproduced songs and artists are also differentiated by the seasons of the year, to differentiate the moments of the year in which the songs sounded more than one lbun than another. In addition to music, the report also highlights what were the most popular podcasts in the year.


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