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You can now pay with Apple Pay on all buses in Madrid

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A few months ago we told you that the EMT in Madrid was going to start introducing a paco system contactless on Community buses compatible with Apple Pay. This system began testing in February and From now on it is already available on all buses in Madrid.

This system is compatible with all the latest iPhone and all Apple Watch models, so we can pay the bus in Madrid much easierOf course you can also pay with your credit cards contactless or with other devices compatible with this technology.

Pay for the bus with Apple Pay

The contactless system they have implemented is compatible with Apple Pay and with the rest of payment platforms that use NFC. This system has been implemented thanks to an agreement with MasterCard and Visa to bring contactless payment to all buses that run through the city.

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Pay to be very simple from now on, just debers bring your Apple Watch or iPhone with your Apple Pay card to the reader You will find in the front stop of the bus to show the price of the single ticket and confirm that you have paid.

This is a great step forward, however there is still a long way to go. The card contactless that own the EMT with which you can purchase multi-trip vouchers or the annual pass card It is not yet compatible with Apple Pay, and we know that Apple Pay Express Transit has been running for several years, hopefully this is the next step.

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