Xiaomi launch 20 new products, here we show them

Xiaomi launch 20 new products, here we show them

As you will soon know, the ninth edition of theMy Fan Festival and for the occasion Xiaomi launch 20 new products on the market.The products in question were presented today in China byWang Chuan, co-founder of the Xiaomi group and president of the Chinese division.

Too bad the presentation eventmatch April 1 (April pranks day), and that the joker of Chuan in the league with his team has included some imaginary products. Among the joke devices (highlighted in red in thelist below) there areself-adhesive slippers, arocket, giant gel pens and even a kind ofThermomixChinese.The price of joke products is even indicated!

List with the 20 new products of Xiaomi

  • Xiaomi Mijia multifuncin electric pot: a kind of Xiaomi Bimby
  • Xiaomi Mijia presses the rice cooker IH 1S: a device for cooking rice – approximately 145
  • Xiaomi Mijia cooking machine: a kind of multifunction blender
  • Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner: a classic wireless electric broom – Around 160
  • Xiaomi Mijia sweeping robot 1S: a new generation robot vacuum cleaner: around 265
  • Xiaomi Mijia electronic temperature and humidity monitoring clock: an alarm clock that also controls humidity and temperature – around 10
  • Mijia giant gel pen: markers with giant gel ink
  • Xiaomi Mijia helmet protection set:set ofprotection for bicycles and similar with helmet, knee and elbow pads.
  • Xiaomi Mijia walkie-talkie 2: pair of walkie-talkies because smart phones are too common – around 60

  • Xiaomi 1 rocket: Sin is a joke of April Fool, a good rocket Xiaomi agreed.
  • My Notebook 15.6 : About 500
  • My Air 12.5 notebook: Another updated model with 12.5 display – Around 480
  • Anti-blue glasses for children Mijia:glasseswith light blue filter for children – Around 13
  • Mijia anti-blue glasses: classic blue light filter glass – about 13
  • Mijia Pro anti-blue glasses: classic blue "pro" light filter glasses – Around 20
  • Xiaomi Mijia smart shoes with automatic laces:slippers with laces, from the movie Back to the Future II.
  • Suitcase20 inch: 20-inch rigid suitcase – about 40
  • Edition for young people of the Xiaomi suitcase: cart for the little ones – Around 27
  • Suitcase24 inch: 24-inch rigid suitcase: about 50
  • 28 inch suitcase: 27-inch rigid suitcase – approximately 63

As if that wasn't enough, the program was also launched “Xiaomi takes you to space“Another joke probably linked to the rocket on the list.In the next few days, more details will be revealed in live shows.