Toshiba Tablet 10.1 Android Honeycomb, images and official features

Toshiba Tablet 10.1 Android Honeycomb, images and official features

Today it's time to discover the tablet that Toshiba has prepared for Android Honeycomb, the Toshiba Tablet 10.1 (which we already knew about its existence) and that leaked through yesterday night Amazon, where it will be marketed and can already be found, still without price, but given the latest statements of the people of Toshiba regarding the iPad2, saying that yours is much better, We assume that not only in the hardware, but also in the price, it will be better than Apple, if a priori is good news, but that will have to be confirmed, because my experience with the brand is not very satisfactory in terms of High quality material as it is intended to be this tablet.

The complete technical characteristics are these:

  • Multitouch screen of 10.1 inches LED at 1280 x 800 and a ratio of 16:10
  • Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core 1 GHz processor
  • 5 Mpx rear camera and 2 mpx front camera
  • HD video recording at 720p
  • GPS- Gyroscope- Digital compass-Brightness sensor, accelerometer
  • Wifi, 802.11 b / g / n – Blueetooth 2.1
  • 3.5mm Jack input – HDMI output
  • Slot for SD cards and USB input (yes, the one of a lifetime)
  • Android Honeycomb 3.0

As we can see in the images, the back has arough shit that will make it quite comfortable to handle and above all that a priori would not need any case to survive, if at the base price we can discard that. We understand that for that same rugged coverage, it will be a tablet (despite its 10 inches) to carry, to work in mobility, and its weight will be adjusted, between 600 and 670 grams should be around, although we have to be more if it meets what we already saw in the CES and that was the protoripo in beta phase of this same tablet that they present today.

As we have said before, we do not trust Toshiba because the last tablets it has presented, did not meet a high quality range, but rather seemed like Chinese copies of other successful products, but beware, this same feeling of erratic, slow or bad we also had it with LG at first when they started to take out Android smartphones, and one model after another they have been able to adapt to the OS and make leading phones and tablets within Android, it is possible that Toshiba has also passed that "experimental" phase and now we are facing a tablet that can give the size, we must not forget that the name of Toshiba is for something, and it is that it is a large company with enough potential to give war, in this case, also, for being the only one of the Tablets with Honeycomb to have connectivity ports much more interesting than the rest, and it is that the USB, the HDMI output, and the SD slot, make it very complete, when its competitors barely have one of those three. The problem is surely the thickness and size that it acquires when having all, we see in the characteristics that do not announce it, and that is for something.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a tablet that may or may not be a very good option in terms of quality, it is powerful, and there is also the difference from what we have said about connectivity, and finally if you really want to break out of the rest and open up, the low price will have to be your ally. We will wait impatiently, meanwhile, does it come into your plans or do you prefer others?