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Top 5 interesting facts about the Delhi metro

The life of people living in Delhi has changed completely since the creation of the Delhi metro. Who would have wondered, that one day he will arrive in Delhi where to go from Rohini to Dilshad Garden and not be a Herclean task? The Delhi metro has not only given a new life, but it has made Delhites' lives more efficient and effective.

The Delhi metro was recently in the news for being ranked second among the 18 metro stations worldwide, for metro networks based on consumer surveys. The subway networks that participated together with DMRC were from Hong Kong, China, London and Barcelona, ??to name a few. In fact, it is a moment of pride for all who live in Delhi.

To show our appreciation for the success of DMRC; We collaborate 5 interesting facts that we think people should know about the Delhi metro.

  • The female voice of Delhi Metro, which speaks in English, is Mrs. Rini Simon Khanna (The next station is …) and the male voice of Delhi Metro, which speaks in Hindi, is Mr. Shammi Narang (agla station hai …) .

  • The first film to be shot in the Delhi metro is' Bewafaa ' . Interestingly, movies like Paa, Dev D, Love Aaj Kal and Delhi 6 also have scenes from the Delhi subway.

  • The escalators in all Delhi subway stations have a unique characteristic of "sari guard" that sheds loose clothes, like women's saris, so they don't get tangled up on the escalator.

  • Most of the subway station on the blue line of the Delhi metro conducts rainwater collection as an environmental measure adopted by the DMRC.

  • The largest number of passengers that took the Delhi subway in one day is the staggering 27.1 Lakh on August 4, 2014.

This is Rajiv Chowk, without a doubt.

The Delhi metro is a life saver, it will sum it all up badly. To say that it is a device for transforming Delhi will reduce the impact it has had on Delhi. It is something in which all the children of the university make memories, it is something in which every parent travels to obtain the rations of the house, it is something that really shows the equality of Delhi; The Delhi metro is something that Delhi lives in. It is the vital pulse of Delhi.

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