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Timber Tennis, a fun tennis game with 8-bit aesthetics

Timber Tennis is an arcade-style tennis game with 8-bit aesthetics. Different characters, multiplayer on the same mobile … Super fun.

The 8-bit aesthetic remains in vogue even though the themes begin to run out. Games endless runner? There are a few. Of "crafteo"? Same. And retro aesthetic games inspired by Super Nintendo platforms? We also have a few to choose from. But there aren't many of tennis, Timber Tennis It is the best representation if this particular genre exists.

Timber Tennis barely has this sport more than the setting, because we only need to move the character with the left and right arrow keys. Heir of the mythical Game & Watch, and of similar cut to Crossy road, With Timber Tennis we have fun in abundance even if it offers ads and purchases within the application.

Fun to hang out, complicated to get over it completely

The most fun and pixelated tennis game: Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis puts us in the skin of different characters made with pixels like fists. Colorful and imaginative despite this impediment, with this game we will have a title with which you don't have to break your head: just look at the tutorial to know how to play. Even without seeing it: you just have to return the ball moving left and right.

The best thing about this game is to chop it to unlock it completely. More than 20 characters made with Pixel Art, 30 different balls from which we can choose even skulls, more than 10 different tennis courts … All unlockable based on playing or going directly through the box. Mind you: the endless runner, we will return to the beginning of the championship every time we start a new game.

The most fun and pixelated tennis game: Timber Tennis

Another of Timber Tennis's strengths is that it allows Brown screen game with another friend using the same mobile. Very funny: tennis games anywhere, without complications and full of challenges.

Free download and advertising

As is usually the case in Android, Timber Tennis is freemium: you can download it and play for free, but advertising is very difficult between games. It also has in-app purchases.