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Instagram wants to include a little vibration when I like it

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While it is common to hear that Facebook take Instagram options for its platform, now the trend is implemented in reverse. However, in the new scenario, the success of the tool does not seem to be a determining issue to apply it or not.

There is a possible substitute for Instagram likes

Now, one of the most popular social networks of the moment could be considering implementing a kind of vibration when a user receives a ?like?, as possible "like" counter replacement, which is already being tested in several countries around the world, but not among all users.

The curious discovery has been made by the engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who posted on his Twitter account that Instagram is testing a vibration effect when a user likes a post.

Later, Wong has explained this effect a little more:

To clarify, I meant ?eptic feedback?, the brief pulse of vibration that aims to give you the same satisfaction and sensation when you like it. You should fill the users with the emotional vacuum to hide the likes count.

The idea of ??implementing this type of effects on Instagram, has arisen from the use that Facebook has made of it when a user likes a publication. And although it is not clear why its application is due, the company thinks it is a good thing, and now Try the same function on Instagram.

While we still don't know how to be a world without "like", many users who have reached the news, have echoed on Twitter their disagreement with a world full of eptic effects.

With regard to the use of this type of effects, the guidelines for Apple developers require that the hpticos be used "Judiciously".

Avoid excessive use of an optician. Sometimes, an optician may feel good when he experiences occasionally, but he may become tired when he experiences frequently. In general, avoid designing an experience that produces extended or repetitive eptic feedback.

The anxiety about popularity was one of the main reasons why Instagram has decided to eliminate the like counter, but replacing the visual representation with a touch be something we get used to?