Destiny 2 can now be enjoyed at 4K and HDR on Xbox One X

Destiny 2 can now be enjoyed at 4K and HDR on Xbox One X

Since the announcement of theXbox One XThere have been many developers who have sought to benefit from the powerful hardware that Microsoft offers with its latest console, implementing in its titles different improvements in order to provide the best player experience.

BungieHe didn't want to miss this opportunity with his popular gameDestiny 2 and it has taken advantage of the launch of its first expansion,Curse of Osiris, has published a patch with various improvements for the Xbox One X, which joins the listXbox One X Enhanced, which includes games that harness the power of the new console.

Thanks to this patchDestiny 2it will work4K resolution and with HDR support, so thanks to 4K the game will be able to be seen automatically more in 4K screens while with the HDR you will noticehigher levels of contrastin the whole game

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