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Clara Montesinos 15 Apps on the iPad of @ClaraMontesinos

For years, Clara Montesinos He works with an iPhone in one hand and the iPad in the other. Essential for her in the field of advertising, journalism and social media. Several of their apps start with ?Insta?, And that is his passion for Instagram It's … Total!

Right now, Clara is immersed in the second edition of the Tweets Awards where you will see it loaded with these gadgets of the manzanita and to which the team of iPadizate is more than invited

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As we know, Clara has an iPad, but … what apps are the most used?

15 Apps that can NOT be missing on the iPad of Clara Montesinos (@ClaraMontesinos)

Thank you very much Clara, see you in the Valencian 2.0 saraos!

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