Activate incognito mode on YouTube without ROOT

Activate incognito mode on YouTube without ROOT

The large online video platform has been giving many important tools for users and this time it is added after the last update in which you can activate the incognito mode from the application itself.

This tool can be used in a very useful way since a clear example is when lending the mobile, placing it in incognito mode so that searches and video views are not recorded in the history and therefore there are no suggestions of such types of video .

Thanks to the latest update of this application, this functionality has been added officially in which you can browse YouTube in a private and secure way, to enable this new functionality, just go to the settings of the application where the photo is placed profile and that is where in the low part you will find the option incognito.

It is worth mentioning that any subscription, any likes, favorites or viewing stories will be permanently deleted once the application is closed or the incognito mode is deactivated.

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