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Xbox One and Xbox One X invulnerable against Meltdown and Specter

After a few days ago a serious fault was discovered in the processors ofInteland ARM which consists of a vulnerability known asMeltdownWithSpecter, which produce a performance in Intel processors, it is necessary to touch the issue of processors in video game consoles.

Nevertheless,Mike Ybarra, the head of the Xbox platform indicated that the security structure of its most recent consoles, the Xbox One and Xbox One X, are already protected against Meltdown (thanks to the use of an AMD processor) and Specter, as the architecture of the processor is customized, which shields the system at the same time against these vulnerabilities.

The Xbox security architecture already mitigates recent security vulnerabilities related to processors.

It is good to know that the Xbox One is not affected by these vulnerabilities, because a loss of performance on these consoles will be quite noticeable, but on the other hand the other branches where Microsoft is present, is still in the phase where they receive the patch security in the form of cumulative update for Windows 10, which was released on Thursday afternoon, something that could take a while to be implemented on all Windows 10 computers, because the update progressively reaches everyone, as well If you receive a cumulative on your device, do not hesitate to install it as soon as possible.

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