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Write without distractions on the iPad with the iA Writer app

Today we present the application iA Writer for iPad, one of the best options for writing and writing texts on our beloved tablet. If you did not find the app indicated for your writings, already tennis a firm candidate to make an indispensable place in your springboard.

iA Writer for iPad

You know that many of us love to write. If you were in this group, surely you would have stopped to think if there would be an application for iPad with which you could give free rein to your most groundbreaking ideas, without worrying about the format.

Maybe you have tried other apps to write on your iPad, but its complicated interfaces have ended up frustrating you and have left you wanting to try again. For all of you comes iA Writer, an application simple to use but very powerful If you want to write on your tablet. It is adapted for the Retina Display of the new iPad, and allows working vertically or in landscape.

Sometimes the inspiration does not come, and other times it arrives but all the elements we have on the screen distract us and prevent us from putting our ideas in the virtual page. The great idea of ??iA Writer is the minimize the mens and force us to focus in what we want to write. And go if you appreciate it. Words flow much more easily when we face the folio (albeit virtual) in white, leaving aside the issue of fonts, colors and sizes.

As you can see in the images, the keyboard has some very interesting buttons incorporated. For example, we can move between characters with cursors, and between words with two very clear buttons. In addition, we have quick access to any of the most used options when we write, such as tildes, quotes and parentheses. Of course, the only characters it supports are those of Western languages, so you cannot write words in Chinese, Japanese or Hebrew.

In this way we will write very easily and easily on the iPad screen. Apart from that, in the upper right corner we have an accountant with the words and characters we have written, so that we don't lose the account. A button next to these markers allows us to hide the already brief menu, so that we focus 100% on the blank sheet.

And what do we do with the text once written? Well, we can synchronize it through iCloud or Dropbox to access it remotely, but we can also copy it to paste it into another application. Perhaps the most classic option is send it by mail to have it available in format txt on our computer, but we can also print the text directly if we have an AirPrint printer configured.

iA Writer for iPad is a fantastic application for write and write texts on our tablet. If what you want is to forget about complicated interfaces and lots of options that distract you, try it and do not disappoint. Just you and your imagination in front of the blank screen.

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