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What is audioporno and why it attracts more and more women

So far this year, audioporno start-ups raised more than 8 million dollars

Many times the key, rather than showing everything, is to leave it to the imagination.

This could be the reason for being
Audioporno, a trend that is revolutionizing the pornography industry.

It consists basically of erotic stories without images, directed exclusively to the ear.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of platforms that offer it. According to the Forbes economic environment, so far this year the start-ups dedicated to audioporno
they raised more than 8 million dollars.

But why are they becoming so popular?

Visual oversaturation

For experts, in the world of erotica there is an oversaturation of the visual, and other senses have remainedFor the experts, in the world of the ertica there is an oversaturation of the visual, and other senses have remained

For sexologist Francisca Molero, director of the
Iberoamerican Institute of Sexology, based in Barcelona, ??there are several factors.

The first one is that in the society in which we live, there is "a hypertrophy of some senses. For example, there is an oversaturation of visual stimuli," Molero explains to BBC Mundo.

"What happens when that happens? That comes a time when we no longer have the effect that makes us."

That is why, according to the expert, audioporno or audioertic platforms reflect the demand of a part of society to use the other senses.

That demand is reflected, according to the expert, in that we are increasingly aiming at cooking courses, or going to get a massage or spas.

That "has to do with the senses," he says and, above all, with being aware that we are using them.

The power of imagination

For sexologist Francisca Molera, an advantage is that the audioporno allows other activities to be done simultaneouslyFor Francisca Molera sexloga, an advantage is that audioporno allows other activities to be done simultaneously

For Molero, in terms of ertica the ear is a very important sense, since it leaves much more space for the imagination.

"The word has something very important, and it allows you to imagine many things," he says. "So how is audioporno and audioertic not going to be an important stimulus?"

But also, it has the advantage that it allows you to do other things at the same time.