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We can now use the Windows timeline on Android

Microsoft is no longer the company that was completely focused on Windows; The new era, dominated by smartphones and tablets, has forced decisions that it would not have taken in all its decades of history.

And it is that Microsoft has embraced Android and iOS as platforms in which to offer its services; especially Android, where you have more freedom to offer your own experience. The best example of this is Microsoft Launcher, one of the most complete and different home screens you can try.

We can now use the Windows timeline on Android

Today Microsoft Launcher has been updated with what may be the star function, and the real reason to change launcher: the "timeline".

The timeline, or Timeline, was a function released a couple of versions ago in Windows 10, but which was already discussed from the same presentation of the operating system. It is a record of absolutely everything we do on our computer; a history thatand allows us to go back in time and continue our tasks as if nothing.

For example, if a few days ago we were editing a document, instead of looking for it on our hard drive we can open the timeline and click on it; The program we use will be opened automaticallyor with the file in question. It works with both the files we open and the web pages we visit (if we use Edge, of course).

The latest update from Microsoft Launcher add the expected timeline to Android. That means that we can not only open what we had open on our mobile at the time; but we can also recover what we had open on our computer.

This opens up many possibilities. We can start editing a document on the computer, take the tablet and continue as if nothing; Or we can open a website on your mobile and then see it on our computer.

How to activate the timeline in Microsoft Launcher

Keep in mind that this function is still in beta; And that means two things. First, that it is very possible that it fails, especially initially; To many users, a server included, the function shows us an empty screen, stating that there are no recent activities.

The second thing to keep in mind is that this function is not activated by default; Fortunately, activating it is very easy.

First, open the Microsoft Launcher configuration menu. You can open it by dragging from below on the home screen, and clicking on the gear icon.

Once the configuration opens, click on "Your source". Here you have to activate the «Timeline» function.

Go back to the home screen, and drag to the left. You will find the information cards, and a new tab, called «Timeline». This is where your activity will appear

A home screen to consider

Instead of copying and improving the original Android launcher as other launchers do, Microsoft offers a very different design and features that have no comparison with other alternatives. Very useful, as long as you are a fan of Microsoft and Windows, of course; and it is that most of these functions depend on using your Microsoft account to synchronize your preferences or your files.