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Toshiba redesigns all its laptops and prepares for the arrival of Windows 10

TOSHIBA has announced the renewal of its range of standard portable laptops in 14, 15 and 17 format, with the launch of six new series, called Satellite C40-C, Satellite C55-C, Satellite C70-C, Satellite L50-C , Satellite L70-C and Satellite P50-C.

What has changed? Well, they have redesigned this range of laptops and have introduced several customization options both internally and externally (colors, RAM, processor, etc.) so that the user is the one who decides which is the best option.

And besides, these laptops are already optimized for Windows 10 (despite launching with the current Microsoft OS W8.1), to which customers can migrate for free once presented by the US company. This optimization is seen above all in the availability of a dedicated button for Cortana, the inclusion in all series of a dual dual microphone or the use of the standard WiFi AC.

Design for everyone

These new laptops come with a reduced thickness up to 20% of what we have seen so far: in the case of 15.6 units, the thickness is 23.5 mm, while those of 17 have 26.5 mm .

As for its external appearance, users can choose between 8 different colors, including traditional white, black and silver, but also brown or gold, with three different finishes, thanks to the use of three types of materials (aluminum, IMR-gloss and polycarbonate), and different textures (metallic silver, smooth shiny or grated ).

Another improvement of the design lies in the keyboards, with the base of a single piece, in mosaic format and without borders, which offers a better feeling when writing and a cleaner design. To this is added the use of extensive touchpad and clickpads, which also include the new Palm Rejection technology, which identifies and eliminates unintended uses such as those that occur, for example, with the palm of your hand when writing, something It happens to many.

Optimized for Windows 10

Although the new Toshiba Satellite laptops come to the market with Windows 8.1 as standard, they have been optimized for use with the next Microsoft operating system, Windows 10. Thus, they not only support this new OS, but also take full advantage of some of their new features like, for example, Cortana, the virtual personal assistant of Windows 10, since all the models incorporate a button for the activation of Cortana, double microphone and a system that allows to isolate the background noise for a better voice recognition.

MS and best cutting edge components

As for processors, the new series of Toshiba Satellite laptops for consumption allow you to choose between almost the entire range of Intel and AMD. They integrate RAM memory from 2 to 16 GB and can incorporate all kinds of hard drives (HDD, SSD, hybrid drives SSHD) and there is also the possibility of putting two disks, one mechanical and one solid state.

In the graphic section, we find a wide variety of options with the latest dedicated graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, including GeForce, GT and AMD Radeon, which are also incorporated into the Satellite C55-C and C70-C input ranges. In addition, the high-end Satellite P50-C can incorporate the GeForce GTX 950M graphic with up to 4GB VRAM. The support for Ultra HD resolution (4K) goes HDMI is extended to the models of the mid-range Satellite L50-C.

As for the sound, all models incorporate stereo speakers with DTS technology or Toshiba Audio Enhancement improvement system, to offer the highest quality. Harman Kardon speakers will be included in the Satellite P50-C models.

The L50-C series will have Onkyo speakers with SkullCandy certification. In addition, to take full advantage of these sound features, all models incorporate the Wireless Music technology, which allows you to play on the portable music wirelessly, directly from any Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone (Windows 10 only).

Price and availability

The price will vary depending on the range you choose for you and that suits your needs. For the low range (Satellite C), the price varies from 329 to 849; For the mid-range (Satellite L), the price will go from 499 to 999 and for the high-end of these new equipment (Satellite P), the price ranges between 1999 and 1,199. Here we can see that there are many options and depending on the user and the needs of each one, this will be the price of the equipment. The important thing is that the options vary a lot, giving all kinds of pockets a chance.

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