The Weather HD 2 App for iPad is updated

The Weather HD 2 App for iPad is updated

The Weather HD app for iPad is updated to version 2.0. In it you can find many improvements of this weather station. Weather HD 2 includes more animations in high definition to show us the weather, much more real and with a great prominence within the app. You can also enjoy improved maps, which will now be in three dimensions. In addition, these maps include a new improvement, you can see the weather in several cities at the same time.

Weather HD 2 iPad

The Weather HD update for iPad also includes new Push notifications for the United States and for Eurpoa. You can also share on Facebook and Twitter the weather in your city, just like you can see the weather your friends will have wherever they are. Update your status!

Add more information to this weather station by acquiring new applications from the same Weather HD 2 app, such asAccuweather and MeteoGroup. In addition the application gives you the weather forecast for the next 24 hours.

Weather HD 2 for iPad includes more than 2.5 million locations worldwide. You can see the weather in almost any part of the world. Choose several cities to appear at the same time on the same screen. Up to 4 cities will appear on the screen of your iPad, but if you swipe your finger the chances are very big.

The application includes a guide as soon as it is executed, which makes us see with some nice balloons for what each button on the screen serves. In the configuration menu you can choose the units of measure and add forecast parameters, such as: thermal sensation, sunrise and sunset, etc.

Here is the Weather HD 2 video for iPad:

Weather HD 2 is one of the best apps for iPad where you can check the weather. The animations are fantastic and there is a good repertoire so you don't get bored of seeing them. The application is universal and you can use iCloud to synchronize the time of your favorite cities on all your devices. In addition the interface is very fluid and move the ball of the world with the indexes of temperature, clouds, rain, … is priceless. Get this fantastic app in the App Store for 0.79.