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The Nokia 8.2 will be launched in the MWC 2020 and will have 5G

Nokia 8.1

The Nokia 8.1 is one of the most important models in the current range of the company, in fact it is the first to already have Android 10. The company would work on a successor for this device, which we can expect in the first months of 2020. It would be Nokia 8.2, which will arrive with a series of important changes in terms of functions.

Since it seems that This Nokia 8.2 would become the first 5G phone of the brand. It has been known for months that they already have plans to leave us with a 5G model. Finally, this device would be the one chosen for it by the manufacturer. An important release.

Although the company works to take the 5G to several of its ranges, also to models with more accessible prices, In addition, to know when we can expect this Nokia 8.2 in the market we would not have to wait too long. Since several media suggest that it would be officially launched at MWC 2020.

Nokia 8.1

The brand is usually one of the usual at the event in Barcelona, where they always leave us with several models. One of the phones that would leave us in the edition that takes place in about five months will be this phone. A device that would be the first in its range to have 5G.

There are already many rumors about this Nokia 8.2 circulating. It is said that this phone would arrive with a 64 MP camera, one of the trends today, which promises to continue its expansion throughout 2020. It is also expected to come already with Android 10 as an operating system.

Surely these months we will be getting more details about this Nokia 8.2 that the brand will launch in 2020. Since it promises to be one of the most prominent models within its catalog, so we will have to pay attention to everything that is known about this signature device.

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