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The Gmail application for iPad is updated and improves its operation

Gmail, the application with which you can easily manage your Google email on the iPad, just received an update in the App Store, where they ensure better application performance. Also in this update, they ensure that you save the images you receive in your iPad's Gallery. Two interesting improvements to an application that has become very rich over time. Add that the icon has undergone a slight change, which usually goes unnoticed.

Gmail iPad

With Gmail for iPad You can follow the emails you send and receive in conversation mode. You seem to be chatting! At a glance you can read the previous articles and know what your words were before answering. The application allows you to mark emails with tags, so you can group messages of similar information. You can also block the senders that you think appropriate by sending their emails to the spam folder automatically. You also have the option to archive, highlight and delete.

The ‘autocomplete’ feature will help you remember email addresses that you used before, even if you have not saved them in your address book. You can also make quick searches throughout the mail, without needing to go message to message. We have left the best feature that Gmail has left for the last. With this fantastic app for iPad you can write the text of your message, the subject, the shipping address and then attach the images you want. In addition the application itself has a drawing program in case you want to write a manual note or a sketch in a few steps, Gmail attach it when you finish in ‘formatpng ’.

Video of the GMail App for iPad:

The truth is that Gmail is a great application to manage your own mail. The possibility of attaching images while you are writing the mail is fantastic, and it is a pity that the native iPad application does not, we hope that with iOS 6 the batteries will be put on this issue. The new update ensures that you can save images by simply pressing and holding the screen, but in previous versions this can already be done. What has improved a lot is the response sensitivity of the application, it is more precise and stable. The application is free and you can download it from the App Store.

The Gmail application for iPad is updated and improves its operation
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