The Apple Watch corrects the weatherman on his own forecast

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<p>The spontaneous face of Apple Watch never ceases to amaze us. If just a month ago we see how the detection of falls was activated on the watch of a spectator of the public in the middle of The Late Late Show by James Corden, this time it was up to a BBC meteorologist to face an unexpected activation of Siri in full direct.</p>
<p>While the presenter gave the snow share in the United States, <strong>He was interrupted by his Apple Watch, correcting the forecast</strong> and indicating that he could not find snow signs. Although the meteorologist has tried to continue with his section as if nothing had happened, the presenter of the program has decided to mess with him a little, telling him that it seemed that there was snow in his forecast. The meteorologist has excused himself by answering that <strong>possibly Siri was not giving the snow share to the same location as l</strong>, you can watch the full video below.</p>
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When you’re a weather presenter and your watch contradicts your forecast… .Sound on

– BBC Weather (@bbcweather) November 28, 2019

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Why is this sudden activation?

Siri’s activation in a circumstance like this has been able to happen by several coincidences. The first is that at some point in the meteorologist’s speech some of his words have sounded literally similar to the “Hey Siri” command. The second is that you pressed the clock button by accident and activated the assistant. And finally, and possibly Most likely, some presenter movement has simulated the lifting action to talk about the Apple Watch and this has invoked Siri. Once activated, Siri has started to process what he has heard at that time, and being talking about the weather forecast (one of the topics that are best given) has proceeded to return information corresponding to what he had understood.

Surely this is not the last time we know of Siri activating at some inappropriate time, and is that the provision with which the Apple assistant wants to help us is unrivaled.