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The 5 best free train games for Android

best train games for android

Within the wide variety of video games that exist, simulators are among the most played. And is that these games allow us to experience situations of everyday life, but playing a role that, in general, in real life we ​​cannot play. For example, if you have always wanted to drive a train, it is impossible for you to do it in real life without having the necessary technical and technical preparation.

Thanks to video games, it is no longer necessary to have all that preparation to drive a train. If you want to be a railroad, just download one of the best train games for Android Here we present you. It's not real life, but the fun is the same!

Train Sim: a realistic train simulator

train sim "width =" 1200 "height =" 580

If what you want is a train game that gives you a realistic rail experience, Train Sim is your game. Tea offers more than 50 trains and 10 completely 3D environments with a pretty decent graphic quality for a mobile game. Its driving system is simple, which allows you to enjoy the scenery and relax while taking your train to a good port.

As for the game modes of Train Sim, you can from take passengers from one station to another to transport merchandise on request. In addition, the game allows you to take a seat next to the passengers or see the trains from the stations to enjoy the experience from another perspective. In short, Train Sim is an ideal game for train lovers.

Train sim Train sim

Train Station 2: create a railway empire

train station 2 "width =" 1200 "height =" 486

Another quite realistic train game is Train Station 2. However, unlike the previous one, in this game you don't just drive and watch trains. In Train Station 2 you start with a couple of trains at your expense and, as you complete shipping tasks, earn money and you can buy more trains. That way, you will grow your railway empire just like your train collection.

Although it seems easy, the game is not easy. Train station 2 test your abilities to lead a railroad company, then you will have to renew your fleet and even manufacture products to meet customer orders. Both stations and trains are customizable and improvable, so you will have a lot of work to do when you start. So describe it now and start building your railway empire as soon as possible.

Train Station 2: create a railroad empire Train Station 2: create a railroad empire

Euro Train Simulator: travel Europe by train from your Android

euro train simulator "width =" 1200 "height =" 612

Euro Train Simulator is a game that allows you travel by train the roads that connect to the main cities of Europe. You can go from Madrid to Barcelona, ​​from Munich to Augsburg, from Pars to Miln, among other spectacular routes. Best of all, Euro Train Simulator offers you a very complete simulation experience. Choose the type of train, weather, time and routes you want to travel.

In this game the trains are very easy to drive and you can compare your achievements with those of other people thanks to the world leader board. Without a doubt, one of the best train games for Android.

Euro Train Simulator Euro Train Simulator

Pocket Trains: a classic that does not go out of style

pocket trains "width =" 1200 "height =" 708

Bored of realistic train simulators? Then play Pocket Trains. Its graphic quality is 8 bits, but it is one of the funniest train games for Android. In this game you will have to manage and improve your railways to transport important cargo worldwide.

Pocket Trains also offers daily events for you to unlock special trains and get pieces that allow you to build the trains you want. If you are a train lover, love this game.

Pocket trains Pocket trains

Impossible Trains: the craziest train game that exists

impossible trains "width =" 1200 "height =" 592

If you want to play a train game that breaks with all the molds and offers you a different playability than usual, download Impossible Trains. Vivirs theexperiencemore challenging to drive a train on impossible tracks. Can you imagine driving a train in the air? In this game you can experience it.

Although it seems very crazy, this game actually offers the same modes as a normal train game. That is, in Impossible Trains podrs pick up passengers and take them to their destination station on time, you can also carry loads, etc. The difference is in the crazy tracks that make all those simple tasks become very complex. Do you dare to play it?

Impossible Trains Impossible Trains

These were the best train games for Android. Remember that when driving a train you can not reach very high speeds and you will not have much freedom in the maneuver. Thus, if what you want is a fast driving game, view the following link and know the best racing games for Android of 2019.

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The 5 best free train games for Android
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