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Stealth, a game in which we will have to go unnoticed

Today's playful proposal focuses on strategy and stealth. Especially stealth. In fact that is the name of a simple graphics game that we recommend you download.

Fights and battles are an almost essential part of many video games, both for mobile phones and other media. However, there are still titles that focus on other types of interactions with the environment to offer a somewhat different experience.

Stealth is one of those titles and, as its name indicates, it will value our ability to go unnoticed, because when it comes to confrontation, it gives us dead as soon as an alarm goes off.

The aesthetics of this game is very simple and minimalist and even the characters are represented by small emoticons. We will have to manage to pass each of the phases without blowing up the alarms of the rooms since if so we will lose. Directly.

To prevent that from happening we have to hide from the guards and their viewing radius. We will also have some elements such as hiding even within that area, although temporarily, or looking at the global map, something necessary when the size of the area is excessive.

Stealth, a game in which we will have to go unnoticed

We will have 100 levels that will grow in difficulty and although if they discover us we will have to start the phase we can eliminate the enemies. For this we have to approach from behind and touch them. We will see a health bar that is going down and when it is finished we will have eliminated the character.

Unlike other games there is no single way to end a phase and although we always have to look for the exit we can do it in more or less time, killing more or less enemies and using one way or another.

The tension is assured and as the game is free, although You have in-app purchases to customize game characters, we recommend you try it on your mobile.