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Pokmon GO improve the collaborative game

The popular Pokémon GO game is preparing for its first anniversary with major changes in the way of play and exclusive events.

Last year half the planet took to the streets to play Pokémon GO. Obviously, interest in this proposal fell and in winter the streets were not so crowded. Niantic wants that in this new summer period we return to the walks hunting for the peculiar creatures and for this it prepares a great update and especially new events, among which one stands out that will take place in person in a famous park of an American city .

Solstice event on June 13 and update

The first relevant day will be the June 13, next week, at which time the summer solstice event will begin in which we will play more than normal with the Pokémon type Ice and Fire.

Pokémon GO

We will have bonus bonus experience points if we launch the first Pokéballs and Lucky Eggs with discount in the game store.

After that event the developers will launch a update to improve collaborative group game features for which the gyms will be deactivated, temporarily, of course. We already told you that this was one of the most anticipated news in the application.

The first anniversary of Pokémon GO leaves us a busy summer

First real event of Pokémon GO

But there is life beyond the screen and therefore there will also be an out-of-application event, specifically at Grant Park in Chicago, on July 22. If someone wants to go they will have to acquire the ticket from June 19 on the event website.

For Europeans there will also be events in the summer months although no places or dates have been specified for the moment.

Pokmon GO improve the collaborative game
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