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Plex joins streaming fever with thousands of free movies

An absolutely free collection with thousands of movies, television shows, concerts and documentaries is the new proposal from Plex, which has functioned since 2008 as a software to organize personal multimedia content and stream them going to nearby devices.

Available in more than 200 passes, the company only requires to enjoy its catalog see ads. The new service only show a third of the advertising that viewers usually see on traditional stations, he said.

Plex has gradually added the products of important studies to its list of partners, which now includes MGM, Legendary, Lionsgate and Warner Bros. The result is a list of films and programs that go beyond the classification of B films that you could Expect a free service.

Among some outstanding titles of the brand new platform, are winners of the scar, like Rain man, Raging bull, Leaving Las Vegas, Apocalypse Now and The Usual Suspects, as well as classic blockbusters like The terminator and Thelma & Louise.

plex streaming free movies and tv preplay terminator 768x768

Not all content will be available in all countries, but the catalog is quite standard for any video streaming service, with the exception of those originals, such as Netflix or Disney Plus.

Plex's free streaming experience is a kind of starting point, as it has traditionally focused on helping people organize and view their collection of privately owned movies, programs, music and photos.

Users should normally install and run a Plex server, the software that organizes the contents, as well as the necessary reformatting to ensure that these movies are played correctly on the various devices that have the application.

plex streaming free movies and tv home 768x768

With this last offer, which Plex has called AVOD or "video on demand with advertising", no server is required. Simply open the application on the TV or streaming device to start browsing the collection.

If you just know the platform, you should download the software and create a free Plex account, a fairly simple and fast process that, moreover, does not require any payment method.

On the contrary, if you have already configured the Plex server, the new catalog will appear in the sidebar. Being an old user makes the experience better from the beginning, because the software analyzes your preferences to have a better idea of ??what to recommend from the library with advertising.

Plex's free streaming library enters the market as a direct competition from Roku Channel from Roku, PlutoTV, IMDB Free Dive and Sony Crackle. Its biggest advantage is the large number of devices that already support its Plex applications, including video game consoles and cable TV decoders, such as Tivo Bolt.

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