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Opera for Android automatically blocks annoying cookie notices

The implementation of the GDPR has resulted in all web pages notifying you of the use of cookies with banners that are striking. If you are bored of these banners, the Opera browser for Android has the solution you expected.

Automatically block cookie notices with Opera for Android

The implementation of the GDPR has two readings, clear consequences of what privacy means. Depending on the point of view, it is a decision that is fabulous, or a terrible nuisance. It is not that one side is more correct than the other, but simple opinions that depend on the user:

  • From the point of view of the law: that each web page, being bound by law, warns with complete transparency that it collects data from you and needs your consent is a great awareness tool. A normal user is not usually aware of everything, and recurring notices are a measure educational
  • From the user's point of view: advanced or not, you are a user who already knows that they are going to collect your data, or not, but it gives you absolutely the same. What you want is to navigate and stop bothering you.

If you find yourself in the second point, the Opera browser for Android has great news for you. And in its new version, they have incorporated an automatic cookie notification block. We tell you how it works.

How to activate cookie warning blocking

The first thing is to install the latest version of the browser on Google Play. Once installed, we will open the browser and we will have to go to the application settings.

  1. Click on the Opera icon. A menu will be displayed in which we will have to click on settings.
  2. In the configuration menu click on advertising block
  3. We mark the option of Block cookie dialogs.

Additionally, we can also mark the option of accepting cookie dialogs automatically, to allow any website where we enter to collect our information. To mark this option is to give our prior and automatic consent to any request from any website. Come on, as was the Internet before the arrival of the GDPR.

If we do not mark this option, Opera will not only hide the cookie privacy notices, but also none of the websites we visit can generate cookies, a small addition to our privacy in web browsing.

Opera for Android automatically blocks annoying cookie notices
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