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How to get many free spins in Coin Master

coin master

Coin Master is a casual game that combines strategy and chance like no other. Here you will have to throw the key in a slot machine to obtain resources that allow you to build a beautiful city. And this time, we will tell you how to get many free spins in Coin Master. It is very easy!

Do you want to become a legendary Viking in Coin Master? Then you came to the right place.

So you can get many free spins in Coin Master

There are methods to get free spins in Coin Master in which you must hack the game using some dubious files. However, these They may come with malware or Trojans capable of infecting your mobile. Therefore, we recommend avoiding these courses even if they offer interesting benefits within the game.

The method we will show below is completely legal, without risk of malware or something else that could harm your mobile. When you start using it, you will realize how easy it is to get free spins in Coin Master.

Get free spins on Coin Master with this trick

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The trick you are about to see can be a bit annoying, but the results are really great. In case you didn't know, When you invite a friend on Facebook, Coin Master offers you in-game prizes. And this is exactly what you must do to get many free spins. How is it achieved? Creating several Facebook accounts, recommended from a PC with the browser in incognito mode.

  • Create multiple email accounts in a generic server or in the email service you prefer.
  • Then, you will have to use these email accounts to create Facebook profiles.
  • Do it all from an incognito tab so that there is no incompatibility between your staff and the new ones.
  • Confirm the request of Facebook from your new email accounts.

Already at this point, you will have to take advantage of the 50 free spins that Coin Master gives you every time you invite a friend. So launch invitations from your original account to accept them with these newly created accounts and get lots of coins.

You realized? It is not a difficult trick, but nobody denies that it can be a nuisance. However, it is a simple and legal way to get many free spins in Coin Master. And t are you going to try?

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