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Google Play hangs out with companies to end malware

Google Play

Malware is still a common problem in Google Play. On more than one occasion applications that have some type of virus or threat in the store are detected. Therefore, from Google they have been working on all kinds of measures for some time, with which to fight against this problem. The firm now announces an alliance with ESET, Lookout and Zimperium.

Through this alliance, called App Defense Alliance, you are looking for fight more effectively against malware on Google Play So you will have a faster response and it will be detected before it reaches users. It may be a key step in this direction for the firm.

The company has carefully chosen its collaborators. Lookout are creators of Lookout Antivirus, Zimperium is a firm specialized in security and ESET is responsible for NOD32. All of them collaborate with Google, through Play Protect, to help detect malware in Google Play in a more effective way.

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<p>The idea is to create a two-way communication system between Google and the rest of the firms. Thanks to it <strong>threat information may be shared</strong> or possible threats. It will also be possible to share analysis results and detection tests, so that all systems will improve.</p>
<p>In addition, Google will share with these companies applications that are pending publication on Google Play. This will help you to <strong>detect malware or any possible threat</strong> that is in that application. This way, this application is prevented from reaching the store and users will download it to their phones.</p>
<p>On paper it sounds like a good project, <strong>which should finally remove malware from Google Play</strong>. The question is whether this will work in practice as well as it seems, or if the firm will leave us with a project that has certain gaps. We will see how it works in these coming months. <em>What do you think?</em></p>
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