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First it was Amazon and now Alibaba. This could be the tablet of the Chinese portal


First it was Amazon and now Alibaba. This could be the tablet of the Chinese portal

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October 21, 2016

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Internet sales channels not only become the way for dozens of brands to launch their products. Amazon is an example of how the distributors themselves also launch their own devices with the aim of becoming more than the intermediaries between the technology companies and the user. Although in several formats, we are witnessing a slowdown in the number of sales that for many is a sign of the end of the technological boom, the truth is that consumer electronics is still a sector that provides benefits of hundreds of millions euros per year and that none of the actors involved want to let go.

A few days ago, various portals echoed the intentions of another of the e-commerce giants, Alibaba, of making your own tablet with the objective of following the trail of the American company. Next, we tell you more about what is already known about this hypothetical device that could be one of the surprises that we would find in the format during 2017. Can the future we see about the company founded by Jack Ma have a future? Will we assist in the arrival of a new generation of terminals in which the brands themselves control the entire manufacturing process?

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Towards the conquest of the education sector

For a few years, we attended the launch of a generation of tablets focused exclusively on professional terrain However, they had an almost residual market share by excluding other user groups. Manufacturers responded by creating terminals that sought to be an optimal tool for work while allowing the reproduction of videos and content for leisure. Surface it's an example. In the case of the model in which Alibaba would be working, the Cloud it would have a significant role since through it, its implantation in the school environment would be sought.

The participation of the biggest

In addition to the audience to which it would be focused, the other information that is known about this support speaks about the participation of Intel and HP in the manufacture of it. It is assumed that the first would be responsible for providing it with a processor. However, all the features related to its design, price or specifications in fields such as the image are unknown. It has also been almost assured that the terminal would be accompanied by And ones, the own interface developed by Alibaba and that would be one of the claims used by the company to present it as an alternative to Android, iOS and Windows.

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<h2>100 million users</h2>
<p>Although in Europe, the Mountain View platform has the leadership, in China, we find not only the customization layers inspired by the green robot and developed by many firms, but it is also possible to find our own systems such as <strong>And ones</strong>. The strengths of this interface are the interaction with the <strong>Cloud</strong>, an own Internet browser and the fact that we can prioritize the different applications in lists in which the first ones will receive the greatest amount of resources from the device. These characteristics have resulted in more than <strong>100 million activations</strong> which are mostly found in the Asian country.</p>
<h2>The antecedent: InWatch</h2>
<p>The Asian company has already taken its first steps in consumer electronics as a manufacturer in recent years. The most recent example is found in the sector of<strong> wearables</strong> through InWatch Run, a clock that incorporated the operating system that we mentioned a few lines above and that landed at the end of 2015. With a cost that was around<strong> 220 euros</strong> In the Alibaba portal, some of the specifications of this support were its 100 hours of standby mode, its 4 GB of storage or its compatibility with 3G connections.</p>
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Time, key to clear all the unknowns

As you have seen, the information currently available on this device is very limited. However, it has already served to create some expectation. As usual, the passage of weeks and months will serve to learn more about this model that intends to occupy a place in a tablet market that is submerged a change of course and in which the coming years will be decisive. It is unknown what its release date could be and if we could see it during the next technological appointments of 2017.

Google decided to control all the production of its Nexus terminals a few weeks ago and on the other hand, we have seen Amazon launch its own models within the Fire series that once had a good reception for its cost close to 60 euros. Do you think that little by little we will witness the incorporation of new actors that have had a secondary role in the sector? Do you think that the field of tablets is still dominated by a group of companies that are fully consolidated and will make it difficult for the rest? You have available more related information such as Microsoft's abandonment of the smartphone market so you can give your opinion.