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Expand X portable monitor, features and usage options

Surely on some occasion you wanted to have a portable monitor to continue with Xbox or PS4 games anywhere (for example, when going on vacation). If you are looking for an accessory that allows you to achieve this, one of the ones that you should follow with attention is Expand X, a model that stands out for its good quality and wide autonomy.

This device includes an IPS-type screen – which is touch-, so its quality is high, with dimensions of 13.3 inch and resolution that reaches 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Therefore, we talk about a quality more than enough to enjoy the most current games and, of course, all kinds of multimedia content from platforms such as Netflix. The fact is that, for quality and dimensions, it fits perfectly to be able to play anywhere with a console or computer.

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In what has to do with the connectivity offered by this accessory, something that is essential in a portable device, it must be said that good solutions are offered globally. Thus, for example, they are included three USB Type-C ports, which allows you to connect all kinds of accessories, such as storage disks, and the signal input is done by mini HDMI, so you don't lose quality in the shipment. By the way, additionally there is a proprietary connection – called pogo pin– which allows the connection of a Bluetooth keyboard, which is positive and, in addition, as in the metal case of Expand X there is an element to place it in lectern format, a work desk can be simulated anywhere.

An excellent autonomous, one of the keys to Expand X

Being a product designed to be in conditions of mobility, inside it includes a battery with 10,000 mAh of amperage, so that the needs of habitual use are covered since they are achieved up to four continuous hours of operation with the maximum brightness. Therefore, it is possible from seeing several movies followed until playing role titles in which complete chapters can be finished (and, of course, enjoying several challenges in Fortnite is also possible with this portable monitor).

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If all that we have indicated seems interesting to you, do not forget to follow the campaign of Expand X in Indiegogo, where you can now get a 30% discount of its final price (which is not known, but which the manufacturer has indicated to be the most economical in the market in its segment). To get it, simply enter this website and register as soon as possible because even if you are one of the first 100 you will get the keyboard Bluetooth compatible free.