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Demonstration of what the camera of the Huawei P30 be able

Beyond the promotional video and some renderings that speculate how it will be the new Huawei P30, there has not been much information about this terminal. The point that stands out above all is that of the main camera to count on, since according to the advertisements made it will have integrated a optical zoom as there are not currently in the market.

Your OPPO competition presented at the MWC 2019 its sensor with periscope system to reach a total of 10 increases without loss of quality, but they will be presenting a terminal with said sensor until mid-year.

Recently on the Chinese Weibo portal as the executives of the Chinese brands usually do Huawei Vice President Bruce Lee uploaded a series of photos that were undoubtedly taken with a Huawei P30 device. The results of the optical zoom that 10 increases are incredible and make Huawei take the lead in the photographic section.

How do you see it? Convinces you? For our part, they only make us look forward to the launch day later this month.. Give me your impressions in the comment box, we are reading.

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