Humble Bundle and Crescent Moon come together to offer games at a good price

Crescent Moon 2, pay what you want for 11 games

The Humble Bundle of Android games is back with an unbeatable offer: 11 Crescent Moon games for the price we want to pay.

One of the thanks of Android is the amount of offers that we find as users. Both applications and games usually have offers from time to time that we can take advantage of. And we are not only limited to Google Play, we can take advantage of stores like Amazon, or buy the application from the developer without intermediaries.

The Humble Bundle is one of the best known offers in this regard, although Android games only come from time to time. The mechanics are simple: they offer us a game pack for which we can pay what we want. Part of our purchase will go to charity, part to the developers and part to the organizers of the pack.

For whatever you want for 11 Crescent Moon games

Humble Bundle and Crescent Moon come together to offer games at a good price

And this time it's up to Crescent Moon, a well-known video game studio that has a few releases on Android and iOS. The developers have partnered with Humble Bundle to offer a new game pack. € 47 in Crescent Moon games for which we can pay what we want.

For whatever you want to unlock …

  • Stellar Wanderer (version Premium unlocked) | A space game in which we can choose what we want to be in space: combat pilots, merchants or engineers. It has a main story, but we can do practically what we want.

  • EXILES (version Premium unlocked) | A colony of a distant planet has ended up desolate and isolated due to a government that wants to enslave it with a lethal virus. We are part of an elite team, and we have to discover the secrets of this world in different missions.

  • Almightree: The Last Dreamer | More than 100 3D puzzles and platforms come together in this game in which we will have to return the balance to the world, and even try to bring back everything that our character appreciates. More than 40 challenges, 20 worlds …

  • Atomic Super Lander (version Premium unlocked) | Earth is going to be bombarded by a supergroup of asteroids if we don't stop it. And, of course, to prevent it we became a kind of man of cosmic demolitions, with which we will have to put bombs on the asteroids to turn them into pieces.

Pay € 4.15 or more to unlock…

  • The deer god (version Premium unlocked) | Presented as a 3D adventure, this game stood out a lot at the time, and has an important mystical dose. Survival, reincarnation and karma combined with beautiful settings, with day and night and with one of the most beautiful animals on the planet.

  • Maze lord (debut) | We continue with the puzzles, although here we have a twist to the concept. The dungeon we are in, with enemies and treasures of all kinds, is constantly changing. And of course, our mission is to explore it without even passing a corner.

  • Ravensword Shadowlands | Ravensword is a saga that was very popular at the time, thanks to the combination of graphics, role and adventure. We have a huge 3D world to discover with enough possibilities to create our path.

  • Aralon: Forge and Flame (version Premium unlocked) | The role is not going anywhere, because it has a fundamental role in Aralon. The story is about the throne of Aralon, which is empty and disputed by the noble families of Callaheim. Three continents and an adventure in which we will have to find people who thought they were lost.
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Pay € 4.5 or more to unlock