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Creative Destruction, the new Battle Royale

We are already two weeks away from the supposed launch of Android fornite and it is that after so much waiting since this was announced, there are already other options that you can install on your mobile device and even possibly better than the original video game.

This one is named creative destruction and it is nothing more and nothing less than a battle royale, this game will send you to the world of creative destruction in which you will have to survive so building, collecting and facing.

Fall from a parachute on a map with more than 4 × 4 kilometers and with more than thirteen different enchanted lands, you will only start with a destroyer in your hand to collect and try to survive in a battle with 100 players.

You can break, build and defend on the battlefield and even unlock different ways to defeat and mock your enemies, this game weighs approximately 782 MB so you should take into account before installing it, you can modify the most appropriate resolution for your device.

To download them we will leave you a direct link to the Android application store in which it is completely free and available for most mobile phones, being an application verified by Play Project.

Download here

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Creative Destruction, the new Battle Royale
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