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Clash Royale update with 5 mallets, new 2c2 mode …

Supercell has put the direct with its star game Clash Royale and has updated it with many new features. New 2c2 mode, 4 new cards … And more.

Let it be noticed that summer is coming and that many of us will be longer than we should be hooked on mobile games. Among them the Clash Royale, who is a true king in downloads. In addition to being a tremendously competitive game, and encouraging the desire to collect, it is also a game in full evolution so as not to stay outdated. Do you want letters? Take cards. More game modes? Well also. And not only that.

The new Clash Royale is now available for download from the Google Play Store. The version corresponds to 1.9.0. And the novelties it brings are notorious, including a new 2-on-2 mode that will be available only for a week. Do you want to try it? Then hurry up and tune up your cards.

New mode of 2 against 2, 4 cards that will appear soon and 5 decks available

Clash Royale receives one of its biggest updates with new 2c2 mode

The new 2 vs. 2 mode is what attracts the most. Evolved from the clan battles that Supercell already introduced there by April, in this way we will fight against two other players by choosing a friend or letting Clash Royale take care of it for us.

Once pressed on the box of two against two we will have two options to choose from: a quick game in which everything will be selected automatically and a way with friends in which we can invite those who are connected to Clash Royale. The confrontation itself is similar to the one raised by the battle of clans: each player brings a tower and a king; dividing the sand into two teams of two members each.

Clash Royale receives one of its biggest updates with new 2c2 mode

In addition to this combat mode, which is undoubtedly the star of the latest update of Clash Royale, the game extend the available decks from 3 to 5 from level 8. In this way we can create more strategies in order to get the perfect deck for us.

Clash Royale receives one of its biggest updates with new 2c2 mode

And you can not miss the cards, four in total. These will be included in a staggered way, but since we know them:

  • Mega knight, legendary letter.
  • Cannon with wheels, epic letter.
  • Machine flying, special letter.
  • Skeleton Balloon, common letter.

Other improvements included in the update to Clash Royale

The previous three are the main novelties, but there is more. For example, we can invite and receive invitations to make friends in Clash Royale and also for the clan, we can copy mallets Clash Royale television and the repetitions, the clans are already unlocked with level 1 … Summer has arrived at Supercell.