Apple Pay Transit

Apple Pay Express Transit is now available in the London Underground

Apple Pay Transit

Apple Pay Express mode for public transport has finally landed in London. The system, based on being able to use your iPhone or Watch as if it were a transport card without having to verify with the fingerprint or face the transaction, is available from today to be able to pay and access any public transport system of the British capital

A novelty that is coming slowly.

This function, implemented in iOS 12.3, is gradually gaining strength but it is having a very slow implementation. While many public transports already allow payment with contactless credit or debit cards, and therefore with Apple Pay authenticating the transaction with FaceID or TouchID, the implementation of the Express Transit mode is costing a little more to be accepted. At present there are few cities and transport entities putting it in motion.

Apple Pay Transit Express

If you are in London you are in luck.

TfL (acronym for Transport for London) has activated the use of Apple Pay Express Transit in all yellow public transport validators in the city. This way you can pay using our devices as if it were an Oyster Card for example.

How to configure Apple Pay Express Transit.

The activation on our iPhone is very simple, and for as long as we activate it on the iPhone it is activated on the Apple Watch. You just have to follow these simple steps:

1- Go to settings on your iPhone and access the Wallet and Apple Pay section.

Wallet and Apple Pay settings

2- Within this menu look for the option “Exprs card”

Wallet and Apple Pay card exprs

3- Click on to select the card you want to be used for the payment of public transport.

If you do not want to have this function active, simply select the option "none" in the list of available cards.

In this way we will have this method activated for use in public transport that allows it.

At the moment in the rest of European countries we are still waiting.

A few months ago the payment of public transport was enabled in Spain, specifically in Madrid, with a contactless bank card directly. In addition, many cities still use old systems, such as Barcelona in which the transport title is a cardboard card, so at the moment it seems that we have to wait. We will see how this system is expanding until it becomes a usual method of validation.