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A social media monitoring platform

Social networks are already practically indispensable platforms for the marketing activities of all companies. Not only are they very useful for companies to publicize their commercial messages to very specific publics. They also represent a great opportunity for brands to upload to trends that dominate public interaction. Of course, they are also tools for interact and connect with people.

Thus, companies should pay close attention to social networks. This does not only mean having a good publication plan or knowing how to interact with the audience to develop a community of captive clients. It also implies having a very precise knowledge about everything that happens on the platform. Only in this way you can know what strategies work, what does not, how to improve them, and what can be added for greater success.

A social media analysis platform

Zoho Social It is a project that seeks to give companies and agencies this control over social networks. It is a platform for analysis, management and monitoring of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Although it is a paid service, free trial periods can be requested to evaluate the available tools. In addition, it has several subscription plans that are ideal for brands of virtually any size.

Among the most notable features of this platform, is the ability to schedule publications in the manner and at the time that most suits brands. It also has a content calendar to help people visualize the brand strategy more easily. It also includes an activity monitor, which allows the community to be monitored quickly and efficiently. Not to mention a wide variety of useful analytics.

For agencies, this platform offers some additional tools. Not only is the possibility of managing more than one brand. It is also possible to customize the platform to give a more appropriate identity to the company profile. Also, you can give special access to the client companies so that they can also have a complete visualization of their social networks. In short, it is an excellent utility for the digital age.