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a cookie cover for iPhone that you can eat

cookie iPhone case

We are reaching one of the most marked dates on the calendar by all gift lovers and may it is increasingly difficult to be original. Fortunately, it is increasingly easy to find different ideas to give something unique to our loved ones.

Today we bring you a new edible iPhone case that has gone viral on Instagram and that you can create in your own home with the right tools. This cookie and chocolate case is fully customizable since we can create it as we like.

An edible case for your iPhone

Matt Adlard, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to cooking and is a Food Network judge, has posted a video on Instagram in which create a 100% edible iPhone 11 case.

"Introducing the new official case for the iPhone 11, 100% edible of 2019 Is it shock resistant? No. It adapts perfectly to the phone? Debatable. Is it heat resistant? Absolutely not. BUT … it's 100% edible, so who cares about all those features anyway "

Of course not the most resistant cover on the marketMoreover, it does not seem that it will fit perfectly on your device and it may melt in your pocket, but in return it is a completely edible case, as Adlard says on his Instagram.

"But it's 100% edible, so who cares about all those features?"

It is certainly a original idea as a Christmas gift that can even be sold in stores, does not seem too difficult to create, although you have to have the right machinery, especially to make the mold.