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25 things (maybe you didn't know) about the PlayStation on its 25th anniversary

Happy birthday, PlayStation! The first PlayStation appeared 25 years ago; since then, in different versions, it has remained in the rooms of millions of players around the world.

Next, we introduce you 25 things (that maybe you didn't know … or maybe s) of this popular console, which innovated in various aspects and changed the way of playing forever.

PlayStation, change the industry and raise the level of the player

Happy birthday PlayStation

1. The first PlayStation made its global debut in Japan on December 3, 1994 and dispatched 100,000 units in its first day in the same country.

two. It became the first home console to exceed 100 million pieces sold worldwide.

3. That commercial milestone was achieved nine years after the PlayStation was launched.

Four. The industry did not assure a promising future for the new video game system, even though Sony already had a strong reputation for electronic products.

5. The launch catalog for the PlayStation is made up of six titles: Battle Arena Toshinden, Kileak: The Blood, Rapid Reload, Ridge Racer, Street Fighter: The Movie and Wipeout.

6. At present, for a console to reach various markets, after its launch, a couple of months pass. The PlayStation went on sale on September 9, 1995 in the United States and on September 29 of the same year in Europe.

7. It was considered a wise decision to integrate the CD-ROM into its structure, although other companies were not as successful with this element as a means to run games.

8. The only console capable of ?running? the titles of the PlayStation is the PlayStation 3, which was launched on November 11, 2006 in Japan.

9. The original PlayStation is recognized as the mark of the beginning of the era of gaming in 3D on a home console.

10. The PlayStation marked a whole generation with the classic boot sound of the console and the colorful logo that was displayed in the process (designed by the Japanese graphic artist Manabu Sakamoto), which has become a fashion cone.

eleven. According to Sakamoto, the colors in the graph where the P and S stand out were chosen to symbolize joy, passion and excellence.

12. The logo of the original PlayStation s has had changes over time, but it is striking that Sony has decided to keep its essence to date, as can be seen in its current hardware offer for gaming.

13. The original control of the PlayStation (not analogous) marked a whole trend in design, since after its appearance, others arrived with a similar finish.

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14. The symbols on the accessory buttons: triangle, circle, square and cross, have also survived throughout the generations of PlayStation.

fifteen. For 1997, the Japanese firm developed an analog controller for the 3D games of the PlayStation: the Dual Analog Controller (with a couple of pads analogous), which could be considered the one that marked the pattern of modern control.

16. The title Grand Tourism, launched in 1997, after five years of development, became the promoter of the Dual Analog Controller, which promises a more realistic experience.