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ZTE Light Pro: Another low cost Android tablet

The tablet market does not stop shaking, and this time it is the Chinese company ZTE the one that shows us how to do it. We see in Xataka that Movistar will be in charge of market the tablet in Spain since they have been responsible for commissioning its manufacture, and will do so with some Very competitive prices.

We can dream what we want, but the ZTE Pro will not come with Honeycomb, but with Froyo, and will officially remain with that version except for some kind of miracle. It will be necessary to have cooks to be able to upgrade to the adapted version of Android tablets. Yes, ZTE has updated its resistive screens to a capacitive model, so if you expect a significant improvement in the performance and operation of the screen, something that left much to be desired in previous models. That and a most powerful hardware (specific specifications are not yet known but presumably it will be) make this tablet an interesting option for those who do not need a super powerful device such as the Xoom or the Galaxy Tab II.

Regarding prices, several ways to get it:

  • Internet Mini flat rate: ? 39
  • Total Mobile Plus Rate: ? 39
  • Internet Maxi: ? 0
  • 50,000 points (gift of 30,000 from May 10 to June 5): ? 132

The ZTE Light Pro will be available from next May 2.