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You can now download the APK of Pokmon GO with the new features

Pokémon GO has new features for the summer, and the Pokémon Go APK with the news is now available. Download it now!

As many of you already know, Pokémon GO just received a great update. The new gyms They are the most striking novelty, giving us the possibility of collaborating with other coaches to conquer them. We also have news as a new motivation counter, new badges, new objects and more. You can read everything in the following article.

The case is that all these functions are not available from now. Niantic has already commented that they will wait for everyone to have the new version to activate the news. That is, nothing at all until they launch the official update. And we already have the Android update that brings all these functions, even if they don't work at the moment.

Pokémon GO 0.67.1: new gyms and much more

Next version of Pokémon GO with changes disabled

Version 0.67.1 of Pokémon GO is the one that brings us all the news. Is the version that has the new gyms, and that it contains the rest of improvements and novelties that we commented in the previous article. So, if you continue playing Pokémon GO, it is the version you want to install on your device.

But, as we said before, don't expect to find the news here and now. Things like new gyms will not be activated until the new version is extended. So we will be the first to have it if we install the new version, but we won't have them anymore. Niantic has to activate them from its servers.

Next version of Pokémon GO

The update should start reaching everyone through Google Play. But you can always use the APK to force the update and have it before. You can download it through this link, courtesy of APKMirror. Meanwhile, you can prepare yourself by capturing new Pokémon, or by collecting supplies in the Poképaradas.