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We tell you how to get the most out of your Spotify account

The music platform in streaming It has become a monster, not only because of the amount of music it hosts, but because of the multiple configuration options it has. In order not to get lost, then we tell you how to get the most out of Spotify.

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In this list, which will be constantly updated, we tell you from how to have a private music session to how to order your playlists so you don't have a disaster.

Find out how to get the most out of Spotify

Playlists in a santiamn

There are two paths you must take to create a playlist in seconds. If you do not have the application open on your PC, go to this shortcut on Google to indicate how you want your name to be called playlist and start adding songs.

how to get the most out of spotify tricks 1

The other is a key combination that works when you have the platform open on your computer: Ctrl + N. A window is activated where you have to type the name of the playlist and its description.

Collaborative lists

Have you done some playlistsBut do you think they need a little taste from your friends? The only thing you should do is go to the one you are interested in doing collaborative, press the three points aligned horizontally or vertically, depending on where you have the app open, and choose Make collaborative. Then, in this same menu, select Share, so that you can send it to whoever you want to add songs.


If you don't want there to be silence between song and song, this tool melts the end of a piece with the beginning of another. Go to Configuration and select, in Reproduction> Crossfade, the time you think best (up to 12 seconds) to start working.

Private session

If you don't want anyone to find out what you're playing at a certain time (we all have guilty tastes, don't we?), Go to Settings> Social and active Private session. What it does is that it allows you to listen to music in an intimate way.

how to get the most out of spotify tricks 2

Sort your lists

If you have several similar lists, wouldn't it be better to have them in a folder? From the computer, go to the section of Playlists, click with the right mouse button and select Create folder (the platform asks you to give it a name). Once you have it, you just have to drag the lists that best go with that folder.


Spotify also has several shortcuts (with the keyboard), which makes it easier to perform various actions more quickly. Below, we show you a short list of the best shortcuts.

Create new listCtrl + NCmd + N
Repeat PlayCtrl + RCmd + R
Pause or resumeSpace barSpace bar
RandomCtrl + SCmd + S
Cut a songCtrl + XCmd + X
Paste a songCtrl + VCmd + V
HelpF1Cmd + Shift +?
preferencesCtrl + PCmd +,
SearchCtrl + LCmd + L

Start screen with rhythm

If you have a playlist that drives you crazy and you listen to it every day, it is possible to create a shortcut of it on the home screen of your cell phone. The only thing you should do is press and hold the playlist that interests you and, once you see the options that are displayed, select Add to home screen. The shortcut is created as if it were an application.

how to get the most out of spotify tricks 3

Retrieve a list

If you accidentally deleted a playlist or song, you can immediately retrieve it; on Mac, press Ctrl + Zwhile in Windows, Ctrl + Shift + Z.

Create your own radio from a song

If you want Spotify to surprise you with its musical taste, all you have to do is play a song that you like, click on the three horizontal or vertical dots, and select Go to song radio. Immediately, a playlist is created based on that piece.

Show off your good musical taste

If what you want is to let your friends know about the good musical taste you have, share your Spotify profile. From your phone, go to Home> Settings; click on your name, press the three dots in the upper right once you see your information and choose Share. So, your friends will know what you are listening to.

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We tell you how to get the most out of your Spotify account
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