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Uros and Vodafone team up to expand Goodspeed coverage

Uros, provider of Mobile Goodspeed Wi-Fi, has announced an agreement with Vodafone Roaming Services that allows a significant expansion in Goodspeed coverage.

Going deeper into this alliance, Uros spokesmen have said that the company will use Vodafone's networks and roaming partners to enhance the coverage of the Goodspeed service.

In the first phase, the agreement will raise the total number of roaming-free destinations to 77. More destinations will be included in the service as the agreement with Vodafone proceed.

It has also been known that 12 new Goodspeed destinations will be launched in July. With regard to Europe, Albania, Malta, Romania and Turkey are added; while in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania; and – at the same time- New Zealand.

The service is provided through the small Goodspeed hotspot that has the necessary flexibility to load up to 9 different destination passes at the same time, including the user's own SIMs, the informants have explained, also emphasizing that Goodspeed allows the user to create their own network Private WiFi, share your connection with all Wi-Fi devices and use data at a predictable fixed price as if you were at home.

In that sense, those of Uros have noted that both the device and the SIM cards can be requested, before traveling, on the website and on direct sales channels of Goodspeed, including sales for companies and official distributors of Goodspeed.

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