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This Qualcomm fingerprint sensor scans two fingers at the same time

With a series of updates, Qualcomm revealed the second generation of its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which it named 3D Sonic Max.

Details about the new product are still scarce, but what we know is that we offer a 17 times larger area of ??recognition. The result? According to the firm, greater security.

In fact, the additional area essentially implies that you could use two-finger authentication, instead of one, as we have known the formula so far.

According to the company's explanation, the new generation sensor also offers greater speed and ease of use, although specific details about how much faster it really is have not yet been revealed.

In general, the industry has been gradually abandoning fingerprint sensors located in the body of smart phones. Some manufacturers have added it below the screen, which is exactly where the brand new 3D Sonic Max comes in.

Others, on the other hand, have abandoned them altogether. Apple, for example, adopted a few years ago the facial recognition technology on the iPhone X, while Google has done the same with its Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL equipment.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the fingerprint sensor is in retreat. Some rumors even suggest that Apple may adopt it again, even if it placed it on the screen.

The 3D Sonic Max was announced at the opening of the Snapdragon Tech Summit, which is headed by the president of Qualcomm Incorporated, Cristiano Amon.

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