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These ultra-resistant phones will have 5 years of security updates

One of Google's biggest efforts with Android is to promote devices that are reliable for work, which is why there is Android for Work and mobile phones certified with the Android for Business program. Now Google has begun to certify new phones that are ultra resistant, with a security update policy never seen on Android.

Five years of security updates for these rugged phones

Today, mobile phones are becoming thinner and with more luxurious materials, but resistance is an aspect that has been left far behind. They are very good to accompany your suit and office work, but what happens when your office is a work or any place where resistance is essential?

One of the certified mobiles for Android for Business.

Rugerized mobiles have never been extremely popular, and that is because they are designed for a very specific audience. And Google wants to offer help to these professionals who demand a mobile that is not only resistant, but is up to date with security updates.

Google has added new phones to this "Android for Business" program. Interestingly, these new mobiles have the most rigorous security update criteria of the entire Androd ecosystem. Specifically they are the following:

  • The mobile must have Android 7.0 as a minimum version.
  • Security updates may not be longer than 90 days after Google releases those updates.
  • Mobile phones will have to receive security updates for a minimum of 5 years.
  • The mobile phones in question must have IP certification.
  • In addition, they will have to certify that they are resistant to falls.
  • One-touch configuration support.
  • They should receive at least one major Android update.

Not even Google phones have 5 years of security updates. And these mobiles yes.

Mobile phones found in this new program

  • Zebra TC20, TC 25, TC51, TC56, TC70X and TC75X
  • Honeywell CT40, CT60 and CN80
  • Sonim XP8
  • Point Mobile PM45
  • Datalogic Memor 10 (launching in October)

These ultra-resistant phones will have 5 years of security updates
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