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There is an Android tablet for each of us (comparative)

Many of you will be watching a relentless rain of tablets by the network, and little by little by your surroundings. The iPad effect was unstoppable, and Android Have you responded to the need ?.

And I doubt the nature of this need for two reasons: First, because I still don't believe in tablets as an essential element in our lives, more whim than tool if we consider everything our phone can do for us. And second, because we don't all have the same needs, nor do we want the same.

That's why we decided to make a quick comparative, in the form of an image, to see which one would best suit our wishes, whether we are from one group or another. And choose one from each subgroup. Here we go:

First of all I want to make some clarifications: all the content you will find in that comparison has its objective basis, but the final touch with the author's subjective point (I think that is me), especially in the choice of the highlighted tablet, at same as in the choice of groups. Speaking of the groups, I will explain a bit.

We try to divide into different subgroups, and although some can be personified into two or even three groups, we actually refer to needs groups:

  • Walking around the house: Most common, complementary tablets, generally of a lower price range
  • Multimedia: Intended for a superlative use of multimedia, the most special for this, although there are others similar
  • Writer: Tablets with Stylus or with extra keyboard, for greater speed, for those who write more
  • Geek: Android gamers and crazy people, who like to mess with everything the community brings
  • Travel: device mobility is rewarded, key
  • Professional: not necessarily to work with her, but they are the ones with the most "tablet experience"

The prices they are approximate and according to the official PVP or the last insured (always with sources of value). And yes, in my opinion, they should lower the price, yes, if not they will not be more than a toy for the rich.

And now, the debate begins. I have chosen the best tablet from the groups presented based on my experience with these devices. Thank God I have been able to prove the vast majority of them so as to be able to have as objective a vision as possible about them all. But the choice does not respond only to a basic usability criterion.

For example, I consider that the Xoom it's more geek what professional, for one reason: the amount of development that is having, being, the first and the best selling of all, make more people in the community of chefs, hackers and others have more rocambolesque solutions: from the root to be able to get that A pen drive will work correctly. And I include Sony's for its PlayStation license, among other things.

Within the last group the thing is very very tied, because if they differentiate between them by details. In the case of Tab 10.1 I really liked his touch and the experience in general, although he is very empathetic to the Acer Iconia Tab A500, which is already available in Spain and with a curious price: € 479 free, at The Phone House.

Within the traveler range: as I said before, mobility is rewarded, therefore, all are 7 inches, to transport more easily. Recently we talked about Acer precisely, since it has Honeycomb. In that of Writer, on the other hand, very different things are measured, and therefore they are far from each other, but they are the most remarkable with tools in themselves for a more comfortable writing (the most recent the Next5)

Those of walking at home, as I warned you, are more bearable in economic terms. The BQ DaVinci It is a very good option if we are not willing to pay more than that amount for a tablet, which will undoubtedly delight many, and its update depends on Google releasing the Honeycomb code.

If I had to say right now, which one would i buy right now of all taking into account all the factors, I would say that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, but I say, that depends on the needs of each one. And tomorrow I might say something else, that's the world of technology.

If you decide on any, do not hesitate to visit our information page on Android tablets, for more information.

If you feel that something is missing, you want to add it, you want to ask, contribute, or simply give your opinion on what would be your ideal, here you have the comments. And excuse me, to reiterate, but this is a post with a subjective touch, for obvious reasons, there is nothing hidden behind, nor any black hand, which you then ask. And those who have forgotten me, either do not consider them or have passed me;).

There is an Android tablet for each of us (comparative)
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